About Us

EnLevo is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping raise and lift the standard of living for families and communities around the world in developing communities, typically in extreme poverty. Our name EnLevo comes from the Latin word Levo which means “to lift”. EnLevo is working to prove a sustainable model that can be replicated into communities around the world. EnLevo is committed to help enable sustainable improvements in impoverished communities

Our Mission

EnLevo, through our Sustainable Lives Program, provides families who live in poverty the opportunity to create goals and objectives that produce lasting change and better life choices. We are currently working with over 200 remote jungle villages in Cahabon located in the Alta Verapaz region of Guatemala.

The categories of the Sustainable Lives Program include:

  • Community
  • Education
  • Financial Stability
  • Health
Families in Action

Our Sustainable Lives Program helps to change lives


Active participation within the community is vital for fostering family happiness and ensuring long-term sustainability in Guatemala, thus community is an integral aspect of the Sustainable Lives Program.


Education serves as the gateway to opportunities and enduring transformation for families residing in impoverished regions of Guatemala. This crucial component forms an integral part of the EnLevo Sustainable Lives Program

Financial Stability

Enhancing family livelihoods and living standards is closely linked to the capacity to generate income. Through the Sustainable Lives program, we advocate for avenues that lead to increased earnings, such as crop diversification and various vocational opportunities.


In Guatemala, the significance of health and personal hygiene is sometimes underestimated by families. However, these crucial aspects are prioritized within the Sustainable Lives Program provided by EnLevo.