Who Do We Serve?

EnLevo is currently focusing our efforts on serving the Q’eqchi people in the 214 villages      

in the remote jungles of Cahabon in the Alta Verapaz district of Guatemala.


Who are the Q'eqchi People?

The Q’eqchi are indigenous people who are of Mayan descent that live mainly in Guatemala. These people have deep ties in traditions and culture. Historically these people lived in the central mountains of Guatemala, but over time, and due to the Spanish invasion during the 1520’s and then centuries of displacements, disputes, migrations, and eventually a prolonged civil war, the people fled into the remote eastern jungle areas to survive. Currently these people live in villages that typically consist of 30-70 families.

Most of the families in these remote villages do not have running water or electricity. Their homes are usually made of bamboo (or corn stock) walls and tin roofs with dirt floors. Only a small percentage of the Q’eqchi people actually speak Spanish. Most speak their native Q’eqchi language. Their inability to communicate in Spanish or English isolates the people from the outside world. 


Extreme Poverty

According to the World Bank, of 190 countries on the poverty index, Guatemala has the 10th highest poverty rate. The report also states that there are "particularly high concentrations of extreme poverty in the Alta Verapaz region," the department where the Cahabon District is located. The people and children in this region are some of the poorest in the world.

The families in the remote villages usually make less than $2.10 USD per day - which is considered Extreme Poverty. Oftentimes, in order to survive, it requires the entire family, including the children, to work (usually in some form of farming).

Sustainable Lives

Through our Sustainable Lives Program, tens of thousands and potentially hundreds of thousands of people who live in poverty in Guatemala would be given an opportunity to participate in education and in a program that focuses on making Sustainable Change. Through the program, basic life changes are made that can give these people the option to choose a different path (more healthy, more income, better community). Currently most village people don’t have an option to choose their future. We are determined to change that. You can help.