Sustainable Lives

EnLevo implements a program called Sustainable Lives in impoverished communities. Through individual effort the Sustainable Lives program can provide people the opportunity to change. The Sustainable Lives program encourages families to learn together and strengthen relationships. They focus on making changes and improvements in these 4 categories:

Community - Education - Financial Stability - Health

When EnLevo begins working with a new village, we meet with the chief and village elders to determine the needs of the community as well as discuss goals. After meeting with the council we meet with the village and present the Sustainable Lives Program. EnLevo coordinates with leadership and the people in villages/communities to set goals as a community. Goals are chosen in the 4 Sustainable Lives categories. EnLevo provides rewards and incentives when the village/community achieves the goals. Goals are set and tracked for 3 month sessions.

What are some of the goals

in the "Sustainable Lives" Program?

What are some of the rewards

in the "Sustainable Lives" Program?

Some of the goals include

  • Brushing teeth twice a day
  • Learning 15 words in English and Spanish
  • Properly dispose of garbage
  • Learning the Q'eqhi alphabet
  • Children attend school every day
  • Planning and attending community events
  • Washing hands before eating
  • Work on proper farming techniques
  • Eat 3 fruits/vegetables a day
  • Parents participate in homework with child
  • Washing and preparing food with filtered water

The rewards vary depending on the needs of the individual village.

Some of the rewards have included

  • Tin for a roof for a community center
  • Solar panel for the community
  • Community greenhouse
  • Fertilizer 
  • Water barrels for water collection
  • Cement for School
  • Books for school
  • Materials to build a school
  • Backpacks for the children
  • Soccer balls 
  • Family pictures
  • Tools
  • Desks for school

How can I help?

EnLevo relies on volunteers and donations to make our programs successful. Your generous donations help us provide the rewards villages receive for achieving goals.

We are also looking for volunteers who are willing to give of their time for project management, social media, simple bookkeeping and more. Thank you for helping us create Sustainable Change in the lives of these people.