The Literacy Bridge: Connecting Remote Villages to a Brighter Future


The Literacy Bridge: Connecting Remote Villages to a Brighter Future

The ability to read and write are something we often take for granted. But what if you couldn’t read? Would you jump at the chance to learn?

You can help provide people in remote areas the opportunity to learn! Read on…

We have developed an innovative learning platform that will allow people in the most remote areas of the world to receive an education. Even those who do not have electricity or internet. Our platform uses basic tablets and a micro server to provide interactive lessons in the native language. We are working closely with Conalfa, the department of the Guatemalan government tasked with reducing illiteracy.

We recently received the national education innovation award in Guatemala and we were short listed for the international WSA award.

As we visit remote jungle villages in Guatemala we are finding that many of these women have never had the opportunity to learn. They are lining up to register for our learning system.

When we talked to one group of women, a teacher explained it well. He encouraged the women to take the opportunity to learn. He told them he sees a difference in the children when their parents are involved and know how to read and write.

We need your help! In order to provide learning labs in these remote villages we need more tablets. These tablets are on sale right now! Help us make a difference for those who desperately want to learn!

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