Smiles, tears, cheers, thumbs up, high fives, and celebrations as 7 individuals who have never been able to read or write had their first opportunity to beta test our new remote learning app yesterday. What an experience! 

About 4 months ago Doug and I determined that the remote learning app we were looking at had some major limitations and was not going to be flexible enough to meet the needs of those people we are working with. At that time we decided to create our own learning app. 

Unbelievable progress has been made on the app, even though we are in the early stages. Over the past week, Doug and I, and a group of amazing individuals have been working here in Guatemala to videotape our first Spanish lessons and upload and incorporate them to the new app. We worked through bugs and issues, identified things that we need to address, and made huge progress.


I had tears near the surface so many times during the two and a half hours the group was here. These beautiful people have such a desire to learn. I cheered and cried as they traced the letters “E e” and “A a”. I watched them cheer each other on and tear up. I watched an 8 year old girl cheer her mother on as her mother traced the letter for the first time. I will never forget the experience of seeing someone my age learn to write and identify a letter for the first time. 

Learn more by reading the blog post. Do you want to help? We need tablets and funding.

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